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~*To my daughter Sabine!*~

Especially for you on this day
my thoughts are with you, so far away.
Its your birthday today and you are nine
As I'm thinking of you all the time.

I was working on your playhouse today
to finish all the lights.
Now your rooms will be real bright,
even in the darkest nights.

So look up into the sky tonight!
And a small light you will see,
in the direction of the north,
to the right of your Oma's tree.

It's the light in your tower,
like a beacon at sea,
it's twinkling far away,
only for you to see.

And when you find the North Star
in the heavens above,
your Opa will greet you
and send you his love...

As I'm writing this letter,
my heart is there with you
and as you're reading these lines
I am home alone, but with you.

For Sabine For Sabine
For Sabine For Sabine

Written for my daughter Sabine,
while she was far away from me
on her 9th birthday
1986 Toronto CANADA
Hartmut Reinsch