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~*"Sabine's Castle!"*~
When all alone, I do come here
as no one really cares,
and all the burdens of the day
 show up, and no one dares,
to lend a hand or bring a smile
when I'm in need, like now.
Perhaps these tasks are meant for me,
and I'll handle them somehow.

Where are the better days and dreams ?
Not very long ago...!

The sun is shining, and the birds still sing;
for they will never know...,
the pain I feel inside my heart,
as I think of the days gone by,
the special moments in my life!
Or were they just a lie?

When roses were red and love was true,
friendship meant loyalty,
only violets were blue...!

As life goes on, I'll be true to myself
and loyal in my beliefs locked into my heart,
for I cannot change this big world alone,
though I'm working at my part.
Life is what you make it, is what they always say:
I just never wanted to force it my way,
but take life as it comes, and live it each day,
 never loosing hope, as I silently pray!

Love, your Dad...
written by Hartmut Reinsch

May 2. 1993

~*Written in spirit and in thought for my daughter Sabine*~

  • http://www.westyorkjewellers.com/poems/sabine.htm