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~*For My Buddy Sig!*~

Many years have now since passed,
but all the memories have stayed...,
of a young and true friend that I had known,
even though this "Tribute" to him is late.

He was a motorcycle rider just like me...
I was his best friend, as I was told, he had...!
To write about him after 35 years,
still hurts very much and makes me sad!

When we were riding along many dusty roads,
or on a highway wide open and fast...,
from Vancouver BC heading for Squamish,
the ride was tough... but we got there at last.

Up the narrow highway over the mountain
the curves were really long but tight...
off to the side was the end of the road,
looking down was just really out of sight!

We had no fear, for what was still ahead
or what we could not see...,
with our hearts and minds and so very young,
like the wind we were wild and free!

Then came that day we had talked about,
to ride up north to Barkerville.
With my friends, I talked about it at night
but with Sig being absent, it seemed very still!

On the morning after, we had all learned
Sig crashed with his bike, and was hurt very bad...!
He lived just a few days after his spill,
the rest after that was all very sad!

13 Riders came and rode in honor along side
at the last ride of our friend we buried that day...,
we had no permission from the RCMP,
but we all rode along side of the hearse anyway!

We laid Sig to rest as the families looked on,
and not a dry eye was to be seen...,
he was buried with the Austrian flag
this young man, who had just turned nineteen.

After that a few of us promised ourselves
as we had planned it before with our friend...,
with Garry, myself, Fred, Marlow and Barry,
we would see this trip right to the end.

As our "Tribute run" we would all ride away
heading North to the old ghost town...,
at 100 Mile House it started to snow
as we went on ..., Garry's Harley broke down!

All of us pulled up at a motel at Quesnel
after parking, we stood frozen by the door.
The next day we finally rode into town...
welcome to Barkerville, said the sign just before!

Our buddy Garry rode in first..., as we all let him go...,
our thoughts were with our dear lost friend...!
as he was there with us all in spirit...,
our promise to him, was fulfilled at the end.

written on the 10. of Nov. 2002
by Hartmut Reinsch
Toronto / Canada

Written 35 years later, in memory of my young friend Siegbert Damian,
who died after a motorcycle accident in 1967 in Vancouver BC Canada.

 Hardy, Sig and Garry

My buddy Sig on the left, buddy Garry in the middle
and me on the right side.
From a better day along the road of life...!

A few pictures of our Barkerville Tribute Ride, for our buddy Sig.
Four of us finally united outside a Motel in Quesnel
as on the next Morning, we started on the muddy road,
(over one foot deep at parts) to the old Gold Mining town of Barkerville.
Since I had my old Film Camera with me, I did take a few pictures, so I was not on the top one, in front of the Motel..., below is a picture of the scout from the same year 1967 in Vancouver.

*** ~ Just a bit about our Trip to Barkerville !~

With Garry's Harley breaking down on the way up to
Barkerville and buddy Marlow, shacking up with a case of beer
at hundred Mile House BC in disgust...,
because Hardy left the pack and was scouting the road ahead.
So we all lost touch with one another somehow after that.
All that was my fault..., although we all knew our destination
and to pull over and stop "at the next Gas bar with a Restaurant."

These were my last words, before I went ahead scouting...,
as I left them all at the coin laundry, to dry up!
As the rain was coming down heavy, before the town of Hope BC.
Fred dumped 2 cups of rainwater from each of his Cowboy boots,
just before he took them off, in front of the coin laundry.
All of it got a little confusing to the gang after that, I guess !?

After that, Garry's bike developed a bearing problems...,
oh yeah, on the way back from Barkerville, Garry also went over
a huge hump on that old country gravel road and it looked like
as if he was riding a Bronco..., but all without the Yippi-io,
as he landed back on his bike's gas tank again.
He endured lot's of pain after that, although no external injury,
as far we could see.
Good old Barry (Blondie), was the silent one from our bunch without any
complaints, but as he witnessed all the happenings around him...,
there was enough material for him to write a book, I bet.

I remember my buddy Fred rolling in on his bike, at the Barkerville
Restaurant around dusk, as he must have seen my bike outside.
He was shaking like a leaf, as it was already snowing up there!
He walked up and sat next to me by the counter and ordered
a "hot cup of coffee", as he lit up a cigarette to keep his shaking hands
warm and his nerves calm. He looked at me, very seriously ...
and after a pause he said..., "Marlow said..., he's going to kill you !"
For riding ahead scouting, I ask?

I left my four buddies to go scouting, as they were in a coin laundry
drying off their cloth and boots, outside the town of Hope BC.
As it had been raining from Vancouver, all the way to Hope,
for about 100 miles, as the guys got soaking wet.
Without any rain gear and no plastic baggies around their boots,
holding them with rubber bands, as I had arranged it for myself...,
before we started the trip in a light rain.
The boys were all laughing at the baggies over my boots ;-)
Good though, that nobody showed up at the coin laundry at that time...,
as they could have seen four young men only in their shorts,
tumbling their boots and all their clothing in four or five dryers!

On our trip back, Fred was determent to be the first back
in Vancouver, from our Barkerville -Tribute trip..
He flipped his bike over on a rocky road between Barkerville
and the town of Quesnel and after that, as we got back
on the Trans Canada, he went speeding past RCMP cruiser,
getting clocked at over 130 Mph....?
Around those nice long bends on the Trans Canada Highway,
as the Mountie finally pulled him over, Fred was really pissed!
(as one can see in the picture ! ;-)
By the time I got to the scene, the RCMP was just getting out
of the cruiser and he yelled something to me too...,
like who are you, or something like that..., whatever!

The clear top part from Fred's bike windshield was missing
at that time...and only the blue bottom part remained.
(Fred always worked very neat, in anything he did).
As he flipped his bike in a complete somersault,
landing back on his wheels, after flipping over a ditch.
He had made a wide turn around the bend on this gravel road...,
because of an oncoming car.
Cool Cat Fred used up one of his lives for sure on that Trip,
by riding to and back from Barkerville.
He just said "shit happens", as he got back on his bike again
and then he started speeding, until the Mountie spotted him
and pulled him over!

Written by Hartmut Reinsch Toronto / Canada