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Silence is golden,
they say.
But is it really?
Or just on very rare occasions?
Silence can be many things
at different times
to different people.
To me it meant loneliness,
sadness, and frustration at times.
It also meant peace, devotion,
searching, understanding, praying, patience,
and finding one's own self by listening.
Sometimes, in a quiet, peaceful, place
amidst nature, in almost total silence,
I can have
my best thoughts and ideas.
It is as if there is nothing
to distract our own thoughts
with the pressure of the regular world,
one has time to think;
so, once in a while,
I get away
it's like a vacation,
just being alone, in silence.

It is a healing process,
When everything that is not right
can be looked at and weighed carefully
and then put into priority and proper perspective.
Surprisingly, one discovers different things and ways of thought.
Regrets over fast decisions, made in noisy places
and in the hustle and bustle of the world
are now being reconsidered,
even certain values and one's own standards
are stronger and more decisive

Peace and silence go together,
hand in hand.
If you listen to silence
and come to understand it,
you will find peace.
It is the only one language everybody in this world can understand,
without verbal communication.
Silence brings serenity
and real peace
to the people
who are searching for it
and have finally learned to listen.

Written by Hartmut Reinsch
(German-Canadian Goldsmith and Homeland Poet)
1992 Toronto Canada