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~*Giving Up Smoking!*~

We were cool when smoking was in,
And not just because we were smoking.
At work, or playing at the pool hall,
or at some party just joking.
French inhaling or blowing rings,
was ever so neat and advanced.
Then to flick a lit butt right under their tongue,
Without coughing, only the best would chance.
And that was real neat, with real class and style,
even lots of fun, as time was on our side.
But now, that we're older and wiser, at last,
and without any foolish pride...
we put down the butt for the very last time,
and say good-bye to ways of the past
in determination, and with will power equipped
we're as cool as ever
and hope that we can last.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch 1993 / Toronto