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~~~*Spring thought.*~~~

Out of sight,
but not out of mind,
thinking of you
and I hope you're fine!

The spring has come,
and the winter is gone,
the nights getting shorter
and the birds sing at dawn.

A warm, gentle breeze
and the tender smell of spring
wake butterflies and bees,
for they'll have everything.

The flowers are out,
and the trees are so green,
the sky is so blue,
like you've never seen.

But just in the distance
an eagle soars high,
he's turning and turning,
oh, I don't know why?

Just up ahead he
he flew into a white cloud...
I'd seen him fly in
but never fly out.

Just then a warm wind
moved the grass, as I rest;
it came from the east
and blew to the west.

The cloud had now gone,
and the sky was just blue,
but I'm still looking up
just thinking of you.

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch 1977 / Toronto