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~*Starlight, Starbright*!~

So all alone in the forest so deep,
I looked toward heaven
and tried not to sleep.

Oh what wonder and heavenly beauty above,
this harmony is of such Godly love.

How small we appear and even smaller our pains,
for all that we are, but just a few grains.

In this vast universe we play just one part,
so, whoever we are, we should work at it hard.

To bring out of ourselves
what is hidden deep inside,
and let nothing stop us,
especially false pride.

Let the spirit move us
and reveal what is in our soul.
Being honest with ourselves
is the most important role.

There I lay, gazing up at a star
I felt to reach out for it...
but it was too far.

Then out of nowhere,
from the top of the sky,
a shooting star headed earthbound:
how I wanted to cry...
out of joy and excitement!
My thoughts had come true,
as I wished on the star
my thoughts were with you.

Written by Hartmut Reinsch
(German-Canadian Goldsmith and Homeland Poet)
In Temagami Sept. 1991