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~"Gott schütze uns vor Sturm and Wind und vor Deutschen,
die im Ausland sind!"

This awful saying is often repeated by Germans themselfes!

In English:

"God protect us from Storm
and Wind and from Germans
that live abroad!"~

This saying itself drives a wedge between all of us Germans, especially causing distrust amongst Germans, who live away from their Fatherland.
It is quoted many times even by Germans themselves in the Fatherland, to put outside Germans down and to say, that they can not be trusted.
By saying it to one another, in our newly found Homeland, wherever that might be, creates distrust and keeps us apart as a people, instead of uniting us!

~This saying was probably made up by somebody who hated us very much,
and wanted to spread this seed of self hate among our own people with this saying.

My counter saying to this well known German saying is...,

~"Gott schütze uns vor Sturm and Wind
und vor Deutschen, die nicht deutsch mehr sind!"~

English translation!

~"God protect us from Storm and Wind...,
and from Germans,
who pretend not to be German anymore!"~

So, every one of our own Germans, who have ever told me the older traditional saying, get my own version of it back right away!

Some of our people get embarrassed and are mostly very quiet afterwards!
~ Because this sarcastic saying has finally been put right and many of us realize the harm it can cause, when this saying is repeated to us, by our own people!

Therefore, I am hopeful, that my own saying will be repeated often enough in future times, to keep our people together, trusting one another and working together as one people, in honor to our German Ancestors!

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch © September 24. 2005 / Toronto

Since I came to Canada 47 years ago as a child, I have met thousands of germans on this long, and sometimes hard, road of immigrant life.

As I am capable to speak, read and write my german language, it helped me greatly to understand and appreciate our heritage, traditions, culture, religions, music and our history as a people.
By having conversations in my own language almost every day of my life here,
I have learned many things about my german people!
Was it because we were brought up in the old school, mainly between and after the two great wars, that had left scars on all of us, one way or another?

Most of our values and our character has remained, as we were taught by our Parents and Grand Parents from a very young age.
In other words, we did not break that age old bond, that connects us Germans through all history to our people.
Loyalty matters to most of us and so does love, honor and friendship and sentiment for our ancestry, gone and buried, in CANADA and our far away homeland.

Most of our people are more than willing and very ambitious as trades people of many professions, to give an honest, hard day's work, here in our new homeland.
This way, our people have contributed to a better way of life for their families and for the future of all Canadians.

Was it our Freedom, that we all had found in CANADA, that gave all of our immigrants, as new Canadians, the ambition to strive on and build a better future for our families and our neighbors?

Did our own upbringing and respect for others, earned us new friendships, with our fellow Canadians?
~ I think so!
For we were not the "stereo typed Germans" to our friends, as we have been portrayed in movies, on TV, in books and magazines and history classes!
We earned the respect of our newly found Canadian friends, mostly by being ourselves..., the way we were brought up by our parents and ancestors, to be honest, hard working and respectful to all other people, including to our own.

I have many customers and friends, who are Germans and Austrian, and from many old german territories.
I have trusted and bonded with them, as they have with me!
They have been loyal to me as my customers to my business for close to 42 years, and their children have also come to me for most of these years and are still coming.

I have noticed one thing in the years of our business by working together with my german customers!
Most of them are very proud of their rich heritage and they honor their parents and ancestors, regardless of what is said about our past since war time till today.

At times, I have met other Germans here, who do not want to speak our german language anymore and they also have nothing left for our traditions, heritage and way of life.
They want to assimilate and blend in on the Canadian Scene as fast as possible, as they feel that their chances to succeed in this country, will be better for them that way.

~ In other Words...,

~~~"By turning their back on their culture
and their own people!"~~~

Most of it is, of course, driven on by their own collective guilt feelings and distrust in their own people, because of all the anti-german material, that can be had, since the war time in the news media, in writings and in "Docu / Drama Hollywood Films."
They believe all of it and are ashamed to be of german descent.

So this saying in the german language does of course not help the matter either!

~~~"God protect us from Storm and Wind
and from Germans that live abroad!"~~~

These type of ashamed german people stay away from all german things! Not many of them ever come into my business and if I do get the odd person, who thinks they could be disrespectful toward our own people, by making anti-german remarks.
For that reason alone, I would never trust them either..., the way I have trusted most other customers, who show pride and respect for their heritage, as most of my customers do !

As a German, living abroad and away from my homeland, that was mine as a child, I have kept my own identity and my own language, as a proud CANADIAN.

~"As the language of any peoples culture is the key to their soul!"~

Without our language, and trust in our fellow immigrant Germans, we would be a lost people, far away from our homeland.
Our ancestors in the homeland earth would only be a memory for a generation or two, after our german immigrants have all died out.

That's why our language is so important and trusting in one another and working together as a people, with the values that our parents gave to us are of vital importance, to survive as a people, here in the land of our children!

Written by Homeland and Firefighter- Poet
Hartmut Reinsch © September 24th. 2005 / Toronto

Written in memory,
for our dear father,
Erich Reinsch
for his 99. Birthday.
born 24. 09. 1906
in Magdeburg / Germany
died and is buried in CANADA,
in the year 1981.

Ich lade Euch ein!

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