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~*"The Christmas Fir Tree."*~

In my youth, beautiful as a dream,
this Fir tree appeared quite often to me at home.
Either really mighty tall, or very small,
it became my good friend, when I was alone.
This Tree became alive in the wind, as it sang me a song
And protected me from the rain, as it was dear to me.
A sacred tree every year at December time,
with candles and decorations, it was my Christmas tree.
With it's Fir needles so green throughout the year,
during spring, summer and in the fall, it was there.
In the winter it stood all alone all covered with snow,
as a hideaway it gave shelter for fawns and their doe.
And when I think of you, my friend and Fir tree at home,
then I feel a hurt, as I think about that day,
when I said "auf Wiedersehn" (till then) to you,
as you stayed at home, but I left you and went away.
But wherever I wandered in this big world,
No other tree I ever liked as much as you !
As my loyal friend of my youth, with lights aglow,
You shall always be part of my homeland, come true !
Written by Hartmut Reinsch ©
(Homeland and Firefighter Tribute- Poet )
1982 in Toronto / Canada.

Translated from the original German into English,
also by H. Reinsch ©
The original German Version: