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*"The Eagle!"*

 A peaceful country it once was,
 from the valleys low to the mountains high.
 To the east lay great Mountains, where in legend
 the giant "Rübezahl" lived with his dwarfs.
 In all Silence an eagle flew softly over the land,
 and as he looked downward to earth.
 He circled around and flew across the country,
 where the people long ago were singing all the old songs.
 In villages and towns, all people had mostly got along
 and many things went forward and ahead into the Future.
 Many of our people worked together in unity,
 as some of their neighboring countries
were disturbed by all that.

 One day the heavy thunder and lightening began,
 and lots of things in our country went up in flames!
 Finally, there came a big firestorm
over many cities of our land

 and the destruction of many innocent victims took it's course.
 Today, a long time after, it is very still once more in the sky,
 and again a daring young eagle flies around,
 as he looks down to earth in his hunt for his prey,
 like once upon a time, so many years ago.
 Then, in a dive, down he went and attacked,
 as he throws himself earthward toward his goal..., 
it was a snake's turn !

 He grabbed it, as he displayed a posture
of Triumph and Pride,

 then he flew up into the sky, very high towards the sun...
 The catch was very secure in it's claws ...
 unnoticed, as to the soft and quiet sound of his wings,
he disappeared in the distance.

 Written in German, by Hartmut Reinsch ©
 (Canadian Homeland and Firefighter -Poet)
 Toronto, Canada - April 7, 2002

Der Adler

Translated from my original German Language
into the English language, in October 2012
by Hartmut Reinsch


 Every spring time, our world is reborn and has a new beginning!
 So break forth from the old dried branches
 and let this eternal force of life go into the new buds and the fresh sap
goes into the trees, plants and flowers.

 The same is valid for us humans!
 Do not waste your energy on what is too late to change,
 but except all what already is and whatever is yet to come,
 as the unstoppable Nature will always rule at the end.

 "The Mills of God grind slowly, but thoroughly!
 Although the Almighty may forgive all people.
 However,  Nature with its Laws rules
and forgives no one and nothing!"

Hartmut Reinsch ©

Here is my original German Poem: http://www.westyorkjewellers.com/gpoems/adler.htm

 *Rübezahl is the name of a German Giant, (so the Legend goes),
  living in the eastern mountains of Germany and guarding our Land.