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~*"Torchy the Gold Art Welder!"*~

"All is weld, that ends weld !"  ;-)

I like my "Art Welded Gold Items" hot, unique, smart, and very different looking...!

Certainly very different in shape and design, than anyone has ever seen or experienced before, by looking around for different designed Gold Jewellery anywhere in the World!
Unique for
Connoisseurs, is perhaps one of the best words to describe my own mostly "natural asymmetrical designed Jewellery shapes",
as all these Jewellery pieces are of my own Ideas and Creations.

My hand made Gold Jewellery,
especially my Pendants and Earrings do not go with any flow of other fine Gold Jewellery out there at all...,
as they are completely my own Design and working method,
in contrast to the rest of Jewellery items out there.

Where the odd "Big Name item" seems to lead in a certain "Designer Style", through lot's of Advertisement and Promotion in the Media and glossy Magazines, they soon become a "New and latest Fad".
As this is all advertised everywhere, many other Jewellery Manufactures
try to follow that new Trend, as they're now trying to cash in too!
At least on all the free Advertising of this hot new "Trend -Setter!"

As some of these Jewellery producers are trying to outdo one another,
at least with different pricing, to get in fast in the newly hyped up market.

Although most items are very similar and some seem almost the same as the rest,  also copies, done in "developing countries", are coming out with a sort of a "knock off ".
This is not just done with "designer Handbags and name Brand Name Watches"... !

Mostly all machine made, either as Die struck or stamped out
Gold trinkets,
or vacuum casted Gold
assembled Jewellery, 
or Computerized digitally designed
Gold Jewellery Items.
They seem to be taken over the main stream productions these day's,
of the money making Jewelry market everywhere,
especially with  most of the Sales offered on the Internet.

Although some of these Jewellery items look very intricate and detailed,
but to a Goldsmith eye, they all have a very mechanical look about them
and that these Items are not hand made, 

"this is really no Secret to any professional Goldsmith, when looking at these items."
Some of these newly "designed Jewellery pieces" are made up by Computerized imaging,
with a specially attached Digitally driven Engraving machine,

that reads the imaging off the Computer and the Engraving of the item
is done in a few hours,
either in plastic or in any Metal.

Except, this process leaves out any natural design, without any trace of a human touch in most cases and has therefore very little real or natural beauty and individuality about them.
One can only marvel at the intricate details of some of these items,
although they were not done by the hands of a
"Designer -Goldsmith."

But to make up for the lack of design and to get people looking twice at it and making them feel dazzled, lot's of these high end Jewellery Makers are adding lots of colorful precious stones and Diamonds to these Jewellery Items to create the necessary "bling, bling"..., 
that seems to give the buyers an even bigger bang for their Buck.

And also, to actually give these "Computerized digitally designed  machine made items", a lot more money value, than they really deserve.

This is how I see a lot of today's Digitally made up Jewellery Items, posted in many magazines and online on thousands of World Wide Web Sites!
Although this is only my own opinion, how I see thing's as a Goldsmith, 
who still likes making Gold Jewellery by hand, beginning with a little sketch before starting the work.
"Without using any kind of computer program!"
Some Items, I can and have also made from my customers Gold, if they wish to do that,
to keep their own or Family inherited Gold, which has mostly a great sentimental meaning for them and their Family and this way only the labor charges of their Goldsmith have to be paid.

The customers new Jewellery item will have a brand new look,
as it is designed for them, with their own input and ideas...
as a hand made Jewellery item, by their own personal and professional Goldsmith.

Hartmut Reinsch © 
Goldsmith and "Gold Art-Welder"
of West York Jewellers - 1963 - 2014
Our family business in Toronto / CANADA
with same phone number for over 51 Years
416 781-3998