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~*"The Volunteer Firefighters!"*~

At home with their family or at their place of work,
Volunteer Firefighters are always ready and on guard!
To honor God and to protect their neighbors,
they are ready at any time, by day or by night.

In many small villages, towns and in cities,
on the water or on land and in the forests...,
the Volunteer Firefighters are out there to rescue 
any people or animals in need and to put out any fire.

All Volunteers do this unselfishly and without any reward,
to rescue, salvage and help, as they are always ready.
Their teams stand together as loyal friends and comrades,
as they assist and look out for each other,
with their own pain and suffering.

At times some people could also be very ungrateful,
only when they're in need and in trouble or their property is on fire...,
a lot of citizens take their Volunteers for granted
and never ask where the help is coming from,
as long as the Firefighters arrive on time and all is running well!

To provide help and comfort for some family in need,
or to save a little child from the flames...,
they will perform their task with courage and honor,
often without any thanks,

as they leave their own work quickly, to join other Volunteers.

Only a tear of a very grateful mother
or a tender embrace of the anxious child...
for that, and nothing more, all seemed worth their effort,
because they are Volunteers of their local fire Department!

*"Written in honor of all Volunteer Firefighters!"*
by Hartmut Reinsch ©  (Homeland  and Firefighter -Poet)
in Toronto / CANADA

"Greetings to all "Volunteer Firefighters"
come from Firefighter -Poet  Hartmut Reinsch  in Toronto, CANADA."
* God bless you all and may the holy St. Florian protect you! *

This poem was originally written in German,
titled "Die Freiwilligen Feuerwehrleute"
written on 22nd 02. 2002
and I have since then entered it in 10,980 German, Austrian
 and Swiss Online Firefighter guest books.

~*"Firefighter Brothers!"*~
This poem called "Firefighter Brothers",
is my last Firefighter Tribute in the English Language entered on Facebook,
where it went Viral with thousands of "SHARES",
on most FB Firefighter-Sites since November 19th. 2012.

Click the in memory picture below to get to my newest Firefighter-Poem!

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