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westberlin *"Escape to West Berlin in 1950!"*

Berlin Barbwire

It all happened as I was just 6 years old, when our family fled in the year 1950 from Eastern Germany, from the City of ( Magdeburg ) to West Berlin ...!
I never forget the many colored lights and neon's flashing of this beautiful City of West  Berlin ...!
It was just before Christmas and everything got so bright around us,
as the Subway rolled out of the tunnel into the western part of Berlin !

We had escaped from the East to the western part of Germany, as people were still commuting on the Berliner subway system to either parts of the city, but only with special Identification Papers.
Remembering the many very kind Berliner's at that time,  who took us in, as a refugee family
from the Eastern zone of Germany.

These Berliner's contributed a lot to help us, as we came with basically nothing!

 "My first peanuts, oranges, ice cream and chocolate ever in my young life,
I got to see and also to eat now!"

The Spirit of Christmas was all around and it all left a deep impression within me, as a child.
We celebrated the Advent season, with a simple pine branch
and a few small candles,
 with home made paper stars for decoration....!
What a joy it was for us kids..., even though there was so little for us at that time.
Having these feelings of happiness in my mind and heart to keep, to this day.
The journey out of the dark and almost lifeless part of eastern Germany ("at that time"),
traveling into the bright and lively, colorful part of West BERLIN!
 Even the meaning of the word "FREEDOM" was clear to me at that time,
although being just a young child...!

Then in 1958 after living for 8 years in the Rhineland / Pfalz Province,
our family decided to immigrate to the free and beautiful Country of CANADA!
Since that time I was never again in my home town "Magdeburg",
or in the rest of Germany for the last 54 years.

 In honor of my loving parents and my ancestors in their native soil,
 I have kept up and preserved my German language in all the years  here abroad,
as good as possible,
 although far away from my Homeland.

I would like to publicly express my thanks to so many Berliners from that time...,
the boy "Wolf" (Wolfgang), who shared his little Indian toy figures with me as we played,
and the very caring and affectionate Lady,  Mrs. Devantier, who took us in  for a few weeks.
The man at the movie Theater, who gave us children "Bolchen" (candies)
and many other nice Berliner's, who were very kind and helpful to us at that time of need.

Although many years later..., my heartfelt thank you to all,
comes from Hartmut in Toronto, Canada.

"Merry Christmas and a blessed, happy and healthy New Year, I wish to all Berliner's."

~ "This open letter above, I had entered in some Berliner City Web Pages
and Berliner Online Newspapers sites,

in the German language, also in guest books and in their reader feedback sections in Dec. 2003" ~

Written in German originally and translated into English in Dec. 2012 by Hartmut Reinsch ©
Toronto / CANADA

~ Memories! ~
Already then, as a child,
I saw what was happening,
And still think about it
As it once was.
The jolting of the train,
And the steam of the Locomotive.
As I looked out the window,
It was early morning and still dark.
Through fog and smoke of the Engine...
In late November it was...,
The escape to the West...
All that was clear to me!
As I felt the parting,
When I looked out the window,
At the pines and firs and Oak trees...
And now so far from home...
Then I looked at the tree's
It seemed,  for the very last time:
As I whispered, "auf Wiederseh'n",
Old Homeland, till we meet again! "
written by Hartmut Reinsch ©
(German-Canadian Homeland and Firefighter- Poet)
1978, Toronto / Canada

This poem is a memory, of our Families escape in 1950 from our home town Magdeburg in East Germany, to West Berlin, the Free part of Germany at that time.

Berlin Christmas Market, a long time ago!
Berliner Advent Markt