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~*"My dear friend Willi!"*~
Eighty years have gone past by now,
oh how fast the time has flown by.
The time of your youth seems so far away now
almost like it was blown away in the wind.
Since you live far from your homeland for some time,
a few things were always clear and right for you.
Your deep Loyalty for your Fatherland...,
also to keep your German language was important.
As a Great- Grandfather, you're very happy now
when you're in the circle of all your children
and in your thought's you still see them,
as a long time ago, when they were so young.
You keep living on in all your children,
as your family name will also live on in the Future.
Wishing you health and all the best in your new year
and that our close friendship will keep living on.
Written for you, my good Comrade Willi
on your 80th Birthday
6. March 2011
by your friend Hartmut Reinsch