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These customers have given me the OK to put their comments and email online. If you like to email them about my work for them, they agreed to give me a reference about my work for them.

My thanks goes out to all my happy customers!
Your Goldsmith Hartmut

Gold Scroll

Hi Hartmut,

Nice talking to you on your toll free buddy! From the sketch you e-mailed me at first, to this good looking pendant, that's real cool man you know what you're doing!

Have a really great year and good luck with your newest online project! I will let my friends know about the goldsmith in Canada.

Have a good one!
Lance in Mount Shasta / California

For the 9 grams of 14 KT scrap, Lance was offered between $40 and $60 USD by different jewellers

Scrap Gold

I created this hand made pendant (with our synthetic white cuic Zirconia and setting) for only $250 USD

Gold Pendant

Retail value is $850 USD as a hand made pendant. The appraised value would be more than double that!

Contact me about your own gold!
Hartmut Reinsch (Email Me)
Goldsmith and Owner of West York Jewellers
in Toronto / CANADA

Gold Scroll