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To our original Millennium 2000 Site!

A picture from Christmas Market 2011,
at the Christkindle Market in Kitchener City Hall.

Canadian Gold Jewellery

"14 KT Gold turning Christmas Tree Video"
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Canadian Gold Jewellery

*"In the Year 2016, our Family Business West York Jewellers
will be celebrating its 53rd Anniversary!"

West York Jewellers new 50th Year B. Card!


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This site is one of the largest CANADIAN sites,
featuring the GERMAN language under the same roof,
as the official English language.
(the languages change, by clicking on the flags).
Please visit our NEW Jewellery Guest Book!

Email me or phone 416-781-3998

We are celebrating our 53rd Anniversary:
1963 - 2016

Canadian Gold Jewellery

~"*West York Jewellers and Engravers*"~ ***1963 ~ 2016***
Our business is family owned and is in its 53rd Year here in Toronto, Canada.
The West York Jewellery Company was started by our Father,
the late Erich Reinsch, who was born in Magdeburg Germany.
He emigrated from the western part of Germany to Canada with his family in 1957 - 58.
He carried the title of Master Engraver and was also a fine Goldsmith,
who specialized in hand made Gold Jewellery items.
I learned our family profession of Goldsmithing from my Father and my Brother.
My son Helmut has been learning the Goldsmithing Trade from me for six years.
My brother Manfred retired in 1995 from our family business,
after we were working together for more then 30 years.

The Jewellery exhibited on our site is mostly hand made
or custom made and is therefore very different,
than any other Jewellery you have ever seen out there.
We have never followed other trends, or the so called "new in-fashion",
set by some of the larger Jewellery houses and various trend setters around the world.
We always believed in leading ourselves, with highly skilled workmanship
and by using the finest high Quality Materials
and fine Precious and Semi Stones, in combination with our Traditional Skills,
to create our unique Gold Jewellery.

"A Thank you goes to all our customers, who stayed loyal to us in over 53 years of business...,
now stretching over 3 Generations!"
Written by Goldsmith Hartmut Reinsch © in Toronto on Jan. 01. 2016

German Gold Jewellery Canadian Gold Jewellery German Gold Jewellery

Compare our unique hand made and custom made, "Art-Welded" Gold jewellery for example,
with any other Gold Jewellery, anywhere and in any country.
Our hand made and custom made Jewellery is made very differently.
All our own Gold Jewellery is made in CANADA!
In design, styling and in the working method, our items are very unique!
Therefore our handmade Gold items are treasured by connoisseurs and by people
who appreciate one of a kind, fine Gold jewellery items,
in our own City of Toronto and surrounding areas and across Canada,
also around the world, since we are on EBAY since the year 2001.

All of our own Gold and Sterling Silver jewellery / jewelry items
bear our registered Canadian Trade Mark (®) and Karat stamp.
"As a CANADIAN made product, we are very proud of it!"
All repairs on fine Gold Jewellery (and any other Jewellery), are done on the premises,
as we believe in customer service and satisfaction, since day one.

We conduct our business in English and in German and hope
that your visit to our web site will be enjoyable.
If you have any Questions, please do not hesitate and send us an e-mail!
Come back soon and see what's new on our Site.


Hartmut Reinsch
(Email Me or phone 416-781-3998)
President of West York Jewellers

"Please click on this link for my EBAY listings, for various Prices,
of my own different Jewellery items!" http://www.ebay.ca/sch/merchant/thorwrench


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My "ART-WELDED Items!" ~ Video #1
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My new "ART-WELDED Pendant!" ~ Video #2
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"14 KT Gold turning Christmas Tree Video"
* on Facebook 1.04 Minutes ! ~ also click on HD *

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Our registered PayPal Account is info@westyorkjewellers.com

All Payments can be made safely to our PayPal account.
We could also send you an invoice through PayPal, if you're a member!
If you're not a member, you can still pay through PayPal!
Any Question about an item, prices or shipping? Get the Answer fast!
For Information, either phone 1 416 781-3998
or e-mail us at

West York Jewellers new 50th Year B. Card!

~*"Firefighter Brothers!"*~
This poem called "Firefighter Brothers",
was my latest Firefighter Tribute in the English Language entered on Facebook,
where it went Viral with thousands of "Shares",
on most Facebook Firefighter-Sites, since November 19th. 2012.

Click the in memory picture below to get to my newest Firefighter-Poem!

West York Jewellers new 50th Year B. Card!